Published on Mar 03, 2024

How to Capture a Larger Percentage of a Move: Strategies and Tips

Hello Everyone,

If you like making money, you should realize the current state of the crypto market early March. Do you know what one of the hardest things to do in a market is? Nothing.

Yes, you heard me right. Doing nothing is incredibly difficult for the majority of people. People are prone to overtrade, switch in and out of different coins and assets like a slot machine. However, the main subject we will discuss is doing nothing on a high-conviction trade.

These tips will help you capture a more significant % of a move while keeping risk in check. If you have solid ideas and conviction, don't doubt yourself. Even if you are wrong, it will be ingrained into you, and you will develop better instincts.

  1. Realize you will likely be unable to capture 100% of a move. This is the equivalent of saying oh if only I bought apple 30 years ago I would have millions! Once people see a little bit of green they are eager to take profits, it simply does not happen.

  3. Don't set strict profit targets. How do you know how far something is going to run? I am sure you heard the saying let winners run and cut losers fast. The true essence behind this quote is to focus on the trade. Don't take profit simply because you are emotional and euphoric. Follow the proper procedures of your trade. The same applies when taking risk.

  5. Elevator Stoploss Strategy. We have posted a couple of times about trailing a stoploss. More details are found in our discord.

Study my high-conviction trade on AGIX:

  • -It broke out of its range.
  • -Set Risk mental stop at 0.32 and buy the breakout (because of conviction).
  • -Trail stoploss each daily close.
  • -After it hits 0.86 and almost breaks under our mental stop, you can scale out of the position.
  • -Few days later it shows strength. Capturing about 75% of this move.

Remember you can always get back in.


These strategies aim to refine your approach to trading, making you more resilient and adept at capturing significant market moves. Remember, the path to successful trading is paved with patience, discipline, and continuous learning.

Last edited on Mar 03, 2024