Published on Mar 12, 2024

Navigating the Future: Cryptocurrency's Expanding Influence

What Comes Next?

As you trade digital currencies, such as bitcoin and meme-coins, have you ever considered what this is all progressing towards? In high school, I was fascinated by a little website called Future Timeline. It became a meme over the past decade, making me think hard about the future. Can you predict or at least anticipate what's to come? I saw things come true over the years and realized I could profit from these events. That is when I truly embraced my inner trading nature in ways different from the majority.


Anticipating What is to Come.


So let's keep it very, very simple. Remember our core philosophy. We are here to find profitable ideas. Not everyone is a professional trader, but everyone can act on their ideas. Some people have ideas they strongly believe in that can give you a unique edge.


Centralization vs Decentralization


Without going into a rabbit hole, this is the cycle of balance: centralized forces vs. Decentralized forces. A simple example would be how, back in the day, people would pirate a movie. Then, they would send ads saying it was illegal, etc.


In today's world, if centralized forces make a breakthrough, decentralization will follow behind and then get two years ahead, and vice versa. It can never be stopped; it is simply a leveling war that goes back and forth.


Crypto started as a decentralized world, and then centralized forces came in and made their move. Now, we have innovations coming from both sides, and it's all a battle for control. People should have full autonomy over their money. They obviously do not want that. However, they realized they could profit from it, tax it, and force control over the selling of the asset, especially if they got involved themselves with ETFs.


Now, the point of the article: Where are we going? My old economics professor once said we are moving from a labor market society to a capital-driven one. This phrase stuck with me, and I think he is spot-on. We are in the final phases of completely merging into a capital-driven society.


What does this mean? Everything I mention here will be food for thought; I am speculating here, after all.


AI, Chatgpt, Databases, and Robots


The first step will be a cashless society, a centralized idea. There is a way to progress without removing cash, but it is their goal. A cashless society will lead to more control and fewer rights for the people; let us hope the battle for a cashless society doesn't come to fruition.


Most grocery stores will employ a whole foods idea; people walk in, get what they want, and walk out. No need for overhead. (Yes, I know theft and flaws still exist)


The concept of automation and robots will also apply to fast food. The employees constantly mess up orders and demand absurd pay raises, and they will all be fired. This may play into riots and protests in the future and give rise to another centralized idea of universal basic income. Who knows if the cycle will find a balance since this will evolve to export/import warehousing, deliveries, truck drivers, and so on. I am brainstorming so you can have something to think about.


Virtual World


I am curious how far Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and similar tech have evolved since I knew it was a fad early on. However, mega-corps like Facebook and Apple are putting serious money into this upcoming industry, so it is hard to ignore it.


We will briefly mention this since it's essential. We will cover speculation and discuss these concepts at a later date. We will see more growth in this industry.


Another example is 3D printing, which has grown exponentially. People can now create templates, manufacture tools, and more.


Some taboo industries will also gain traction. I don't know about you, but private doctors will surge in the coming years. Big Pharma ruined its reputation beyond repair in 2020, which carries over into Genetic Engineering.


Right now, you can select what your baby will look like, their hair, skills, and traits. It can get scary how much this can develop. You cannot even imagine what people can do with AI once they create neurochips, scan the brain, etc. Think Deus Ex, or cyberpunk. While still fantasy, it is pretty close to a possible reality.




So, how do cryptos play a role in the world to come?


These ideas are now more opinionated and speculative, but they will be a hybrid of everything. The technology will grow to a new level powered by AI. It is also worth mentioning why I believe in AGIX. SingularityNet is a project spearheaded by Ben Goertzel, who has dedicated his life to understanding AI. SingularityNet already says AGIX is not a speculative token but the backbone for their AI marketplace. They will have anons post their tools and scale aggressively when things reach the next stage.


We already see attempts made through tokenizing real estate, digital real estate, etc., but there is no set way for people to put on a headset and enter a digital world. That is still far away.


We also have issues with blockchain gaming and the developers' greed for play-to-earn models. People always say oh, gaming is the trend, but there is a reason why it has not succeeded. Who do you know in the CT space right now who says hey, let's all play this game together? People tried to decentralize poker, yet that will lead to massive exploitation and collusion unless the company that oversees it can guarantee a fair game.


Casinos will fight hard to prevent an anonymous casino from being allowed. Instead, they will create their digitally regulated casino, let you buy chips digitally at the tables, and seamlessly integrate transactions into their online and in-person casinos. This feature is already coming very soon.


We still have much to look forward to; Bitcoin will most likely run to new highs as the founder and collectible it truly is.


1 BTC will always equal 1 BTC. Speculators always arrive first to the party. We have long reached the point where mining a bitcoin costs real money. So, even a significant correction will be nothing we haven't seen before. Cycles repeat over and over.


I hope you enjoyed this article.



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